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Jessie Daniels, PhD has been online since the mid-1990s.  She’s worked in academia and the Internet industry, and brought together her expertise to start Public Scholars, LLC, to help both faculty and academic leaders navigate the changing landscape of higher education. Through Public Scholar Academy, Daniels helps traditionally-trained academics transform their everyday work lives to meet the challenging demands of the digital era in ways they can feel good about, and in ways that take the risks they face seriously.

She is a writer, professor, innovator and change agent. Daniels is author/editor of five academic books and dozens of scholarly journal articles. Her bylines have appeared in the New York TimesNewsweekEntropy Magazine, and as a regular columnist at Huffington Post. She has been featured in documentary films, on international news programs (radio and television), and on podcasts.

She has a wide range of professional experience as a university professor, senior producer at an Internet company, a researcher at Rikers Island Adolescent Unit, and working in non-profit educational technology.

In 2014, she lead a team of collaborators to re-imagine the way we do our jobs as scholars and expanding our vision about what is possible. That project, JustPublics@365, offered live, in-person training in digital media skills to over 1,000 academics who went on to launch their own successful public careers. Daniels’ work with other public scholars inspired her to co-author two books about how digital media is changing academic life.

Since 2016 the political climate for being a public scholar in the U.S. has changed. In 2017 Daniels experienced this first hand when she was attacked online by the far right. For scholars outside the U.S., the threat from political attacks is even more dire.

You can learn more about Daniels’ academic work on her website and find her on Twitter as @JessieNYC.

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