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Teaching & writing

Teaching online takes time and preparation. What works best? 

Most academic books are read by 200 people or fewer. Journal articles fare even worse with fewer than 100 readers. How do you get your research to reach a wider audience?

I’ll show you what works about teaching online and writing the ways to get your work read by a wider audience.

Your platform

What are the ways that you want your work to count? Is it teaching a successful course? Or is it getting promoted? Tenured? Is it making a difference in the world, some policy change? Or, is it simply connecting with people beyond the small group of specialists in your area? 

I’ll show you about how to make your work count, whatever your goals.

Protecting yourself

We live in interesting and increasingly perilous times when it can feel like sharing your ideas online is a dangerous act.

While there may be new threats online, there are also ways to think strategically about your digital presence and how to protect your embodied self from harm. 

I’ll show you about how to protect yourself online and off, as you begin the transition to working online. 

The Pivot to Digital Can Feel Overwhelming & Confusing

The world is changing rapidly. Academia is changing, too. 

While it might have been possible a generation ago to teach and conduct research tucked away and protected by institutions, that’s not the world we live in today. Digital technologies have shifted the way that we do our jobs as researchers and instructors. Even academics who have avoided digital media now find themselves having to figure out how to manage the  online world for their work. 

These changes, along with many others, have made doing the work even more dangerous.   

Academics and scholars today need to know how to protect themselves online. I know because I’ve been attacked online and can speak from experience.

But just because there are bad actors doesn’t mean you should shrink from sharing the work you’ve spent years developing. 

That’s where I can help. 

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